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Ficlet/Drabble (S/X): Furious

Title: Furious
Author: heavenlyxbodies
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG
Feedback: Makes me happy, just play nice
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Summary: Xander’s been hurt; Spike is not pleased

AN: Written for kissbingo, emotion: anger


He was furious. More than, actually. His boy had gone off and played hero, again. Now he was in the hospital, with gods knew what injuries. Spike had a very vivid imagination, hells, with his history he’d done just about everything that could be done to a living person and several that couldn’t.
He tried to stop the images that filled his mind, all the possibilities, big and small. He would have laughed at himself for being a girl if he wasn’t so worried about his boy.
Spike virtually tore through the emergency entrance to the hospital, coattails billowing behind him ignoring the staff trying to either stop or help him, completely blocking out the calls of Red and Buffy. Concentrating only on the scent of Xander- he could smell not only the underlying scent of his boy but also the fresh ripe smell of his blood. Bile rose in his throat, the only time he should smell Xander’s blood was when the mortal allowed him to bite him, sink his sharp fangs into his sweet, work tanned flesh.
The vampire slammed into the room Xander was in, stomping right up to the bed his lover was lying in. “What the hells were you doing?” he growled, taking in Xander’s injuries, which seemed relegated to a broken arm and some excess bruising (thank the gods).

“Uh, hi Spike,” the mortal replied nervously, not so much because his vamp was fuming, but because the doctor was still in the room looking more than a little gobsmacked at Spike’s sudden appearance. “The doc here was just explaining what to do for my arm before the morphine completely kicked in.”

Closing his eyes, Spike took a deep unneeded breath, calming himself. Turning to the doctor, “Excuse me, just worried about ‘im.”

The doctor nodded uneasily, “It’s good he has someone to care for him.” Wetting his suddenly dry lips, “Would you like to go over his treatment?” He half hoped the man would say no. He’d been a doctor here in Sunnydale for a long time, and you didn’t get to be here that long without learning a few things- like when to look the other way and when to just get out as fast as you could. This definitely fell into the latter category.

“Sure, doc, refresh my memory,” Spike didn’t take his eyes off Xander as the doctor rattled off do’s and don’t’s and how many pain killers Xander could take and what to do if the cast got wet or broken, and finally when he should come in to have the cast removed and the fracture checked.

Once he’d finished briefing the vampire, the doctor made a hasty retreat claiming he needed to check on other patients.

Spike didn’t really care, he was just thankful the man finally left. His ice blue eyes flashing to amber as he focused in on his mortal. Growling low in his throat he got right up in Xander’s face, not even inches separated them. “You ever do anything that stupid again and it won’t be broken bones you’ll be dealing with.” He finished his threat with a heavy, deep, possessive kiss reminding Xander of just who he was sleeping with.

When Spike finally let Xander up for air, the young man smiled sleepily, the morphine starting to kick in full force, “What’re ya gona do bite me?”

Spike laughed, it was an old joke between them, something Xander would ask whenever Spike’s overprotective streak flared, and as always the vamp replied, “Yeah, pet, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.”