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Drabble (S/X): Time Moves On

Author: heavenlyxbodies
Title: Time Moves On
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG
Feedback: Mys has decided that she actually likes FB, so… constructive crit is fine, just be prepared for Mys to defend/explain her choices, and try not to do any permanent damage, k.
Disclaimer(s) can be found here
Warnings/Squicks: references to character death, but not the boys and not graphic, and schmoop
Summary: Xander contemplates Spike and their relationship

AN1: So I was workin’ on this little offering for Briana’s (brianapotter) birthday, then suddenly realized that I couldn’t remember if her LJ b-day was her real one; I’m a bad friend. *tries to give puppy eyes* Anyway, I decided that I’d rather get it out there and it be early then miss your b-day ‘cause I was being paranoid. So although I wish my muses were behaving better, this is for you, sweetie, Happy Birthday!
AN2: This came out very Xander specific and a bit more down to Earth and angsty than I meant, but I had to follow the muse ya know. Hope you still like it, sweetie. *smiles sheepishly*


Xander looked down at his sleeping lover. The sight never ceased to amaze and enrapture him. He looked so peaceful like this, laying beside him, arm protectively (and more than a little possessively) around his waist. It was one of the many times Xander realized just how lucky he was to have the irreverent male vampire as his. Spike was a beautiful creature, his fine cheekbones, piercing blue eyes, and a sharp tongue only scrapping the surface of the vampire.
It was hard to believe they’d been together for so many years and Spike still loved him, if anything he loved him more. Maybe it was the bond, but he liked to think it was more, just like he liked to think his ever growing love of the vamp was something else, something more powerful and primal. It was coming up on their centennial, almost twice as long as his vampire had been alive, and he’d chosen to spend that time with him, the Doughnut Boy. Xander smiled at the thought, knowing he was so loved.
There were times when being Mated to a vampire hurt more than anything he could’ve imagined; watching his friends die one by one most of them from old age. He’d known the time would come; it didn’t make it any easier, but Spike was always there, holding him as he cried, whispering words of comfort, easing the pain.

A pale hand came up to stroke Xander’s face lovingly, “Missing ‘em.” It was a statement not a question; he knew how to read his boy. He chuckled internally. ‘His boy.’ Xander was the same age he had been the first time they met; he was far from a ‘boy’, yet Spike still called him that and Xander still answered.

Xander gave a short ‘mmm’ noise and settled down into the blonde’s arms.

For long minutes they lay wrapped in each other, Xander pressing into Spike’s embrace as the vampire drew lazy patterns on his mortal’s back. It was an action Spike learned early in their relationship calmed the young man.
Once the tension eased from Xander’s body, Spike kissed his head and whispered, “You regret it?”

Xander smiled into the vampire’s chest, “You always ask me that.”

Spike shrugged, trying to pretend that he didn’t ask because he kept expecting the answer to be yes.

Xander’s deep brown eyes peered up at his vamp and he moved in to kiss him, letting their lips slide together in the perfect unity that had become automatic between them, tongues teasing until they opened for each other allowing them to play unhindered. It was a soft languid thing. When Xander finally pulled back from the kiss, he whispered as he always did, “Never.”
Tags: ::briana, :spander, fandom: btvs, fic: time, kink/warning: dark, kink/warning: fluff/schmoop, kink/warning: major character death

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